We only work with the very best franchises

In 2013 Lime has once again been linked with some really top brands. Over the years we’ve coached some big established brands, some of whom are international successes worth many millions of pounds. This year we’ve gone back to our roots and worked with several new franchise brands, that’s not to say they are in any way immature businesses – it’s just that they are rolling out a new franchise.

A good case in point is our two automotive clients, Vanarama and 4×4 Vehicle Hire. ¬†We were parachuted in to design the franchise at the outset, then to implement the actual launch of the franchise and we were retained (still are) to go on to recruit the network. ¬†Vanarama was a market leader in commercial vehicle leasing before we launched the franchise and now they are a market leader in the franchise industry too as the biggest brand in their sector with 35 franchised offices trading and many more in the pipeline. 4×4 Vehicle Hire have had a similarly great result, although we launched the franchise quite a bit later they have still opened 12 branches within 10 months and have a number in the pre launch phase. If you like the automotive sector check them both out, they are both very different business formats, at different investment levels and will appeal to different people but hey, check them out and see why they have both been successful franchised brands, drop us a line or contact us and we’ll send you their respective prospectus packs.

We’ve also helped Cafe2U quite a bit since March and Andy and Cafe2U’s MD Tom Acland now work together on specific strategic issues. Cafe2U is an international brand with over 250 mobile coffee vans around the world and in the UK there are 60 vans serving coffee every day – it’s a top drawer franchise that is daily cash generative and can be an owner operator format or a management format – and you don’t need to be Einstein to work out that you can easily make money selling coffee!

Also this year we have helped Sport Works, Urban Media, Ronnie Sunshines, and are underway with the preliminary planning for a new brand launch in 2014.

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