Who Should Use a Franchise Consultant?

So Who Should Really Use a Franchise Consultant?

Researching franchise opportunities may seem like an overwhelming task given that there are more than 38,000 opportunities available today. In fact, there are well over 500 U.K. franchise opportunities available for sale. And, there are over 621,000 people in the U.K. currently employed in the franchise industry

This gives you some sort of perspective as to what you’re up against if you haven’t yet decided which franchise business is right for you. And this is one reason among many that many potential franchise owners turn to management consultants with franchise backgrounds for help. 

What is a Franchise Consultant?

Franchise consultants work with franchisors. They help in facilitating franchise sales. 

Just keep in mind that it’s quite impossible for a franchise consultant to give you the entire picture about all available franchise opportunities. Because of this, you may find that your research is limited by the knowledge of the consultant. That means you may miss out on a franchise opportunity that is the best fit for your passion and skillset. 

Nevertheless, a good franchising specialist is there to help guide you. And, a good franchise consultant will be a seasoned industry professional – a seasoned industry professional that potentially has decades’ worth of experience. This in and of itself is invaluable. 

Will a Franchise Consultant Give Me Support After I Invest in a Franchise Business?

Typically, the franchising consultant is hired by a franchisor to encourage investors to the business. And that’s where it ends. So, the answer to that is actually, no. Once you’ve made the investment into a franchise opportunity, your franchise consultant will part ways with you. The immediate concern then is – what do you do if you need further guidance at a later date? This is why it is vital to thoroughly educate yourself about any franchise opportunity that you are interested in. Find out about the available ongoing support that the franchise provides to its franchisees. 

A reputable franchisor will have support teams at the regional and corporate levels. These support teams will not only have hands-on industry experience but they will be well qualified to provide you with help and ongoing support whenever you are in need. 

oli-dale-xjSkI_seiZY-unsplash-300x200 Who Should Use a Franchise Consultant?Which is Right for You?

Use a consultant or don’t? While consultants are salespeople, they are not in the business of pressure sales. They are in the business of presenting franchise opportunities and offering the potential franchisor with a clear path to owning a franchise business – a path that is easy to understand and to implement. 

A good franchise consultant will help you in gathering all the information that is pertinent to your needs. A good franchise consultant will help you make a decision when you’re ready to make that decision, about what is right for you. 

To learn how our franchise consultants can help you – get in touch with our team today or call us on 01274 662001. Lime Licensing Group are members of the QFA and have assisted in the development of the association

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