Award winning best franchise recruitment agency

Award Winning Best Franchise Recruitment Agency Lime Licensing Group has done it again!

Lime-Awards-trpphy-267x300 Award winning best franchise recruitment agency

Lime Licensing Group is a multi award winning Franchise Consultancy

At the Franchise Awards 2019 we ended up an award winning best franchise recruitment agency. Out of any awards to win it is franchise recruitment that makes the difference between one franchisor and another. So, we were naturally delighted to add this one to the various others we have won. It looks like we’re going to need a bigger shelf at Lime HQ.

How to become an award winning franchise recruitment agency?

It all starts with a good process. From our point of view that means prompt and professional management of franchise enquiries. Personable and not too corporate our executive team has the common touch. We also know our topic! Lime’s clients rely on us to be able to answer technical franchise queries. We also need to know our clients businesses quite well too. Some of which are the best franchises available today.

Further recognition

Lime is a multi award winning business. Our advisors have won awards from numerous panels. As a result we have spoken at many prestigious events and seminars. Furthermore we have delivered masterclass tuition to the likes of the Chamber of Commerce and Business Link. Many brands have also asked us to train their internal executive team and to mentor them on best practice. It’s always nice to be recommended for awards like this but it’s not our focus. Lime spends all of it’s time trying to improve, we monitor everything. Each KPI is reported to our clients and we carefully monitor the value of all those companies who join is with the cause.

To find out more about how we could help your franchise speak with one of our franchise executive team.

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