How do mobile coffee franchises work?

How do mobile coffee franchises work?

Cafe2U-1-300x150 How do mobile coffee franchises work?

how do mobile coffee franchises work

Our coffee expert Kevin Thomas spills the beans …

There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee, with my preference being a flat white. It is even better when it is delivered and served to you at your place of work accompanied by some tasty treats. Well that service is happening every day throughout the UK thanks to the Cafe2U franchise network. So if you’ve ever asked yourself how do mobile coffee franchises work Cafe2U is a good example. Let me enlighten you.

Cafe2U are the UK’s (and the world’s) largest mobile coffee franchise. There’s over 90 franchise partners in the UK serving gourmet coffee and food from purpose built state of the art Mercedes Benz vehicles. Direct to non-traditional locations such as places of work, business parks, industrial areas, events and sporting occasions.

Owner operated

Most Cafe2U vehicles are operated by the owner providing a more personal touch. Like you they probably wondered exactly how do mobile coffee franchises work. Franchisee’s have a vested interest in making sure every drink is made to perfection. As a result their customers always leave happy. Calling on locations every day at the same time builds customer loyalty. Furthermore in many cases new friendships as Cafe2U becomes part of the customers’ daily routine. In fact, and I know this from first-hand experience as I operated my own Cafe2U franchise in Cardiff for 6 years, customers become so reliant on the van that arriving even 2 minutes later than normal can spark a series of text and phone messages trying to track you down!

Cafe2U franchisees operate within exclusive territories and receive the best training and launch package in the industry. Franchisees are trained in the art, and it is an art, of coffee making by one of the top baristas in the UK. This ensures that they serve the best quality drinks at all times. Cafe2U also provide an income guarantee within the initial launch period. As aresult new franchisees generate income from day one. No other mobile franchise offers this.

Variety is the spice of life

Franchisees join the network from all walks of life. This means that previous experience in the market is not necessary. All you need is a passion for coffee and great customer service. Cafe2U will help you with the rest.

There are some very exciting developments happening with the brand over the next few months. Market leaders never rest. So Cafe2U will further cement their position as the number one! They are now looking to continue the expansion of the franchise network in all parts of the UK.

If you love coffee then contact me, Kevin Thomas on 07527 508203 to receive a copy of the franchise prospectus. I’ll help you explore the opportunity and to ascertain if it’s for you.





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